HSC Certificate Attestation Qatar

HSC Certificate Attestation Qatar

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) attestation is a process by which an institution (the school) confirms that a student has completed their higher secondary education at that school. This verification is often done by the embassy of the student’s home country, which gives the certificate added credibility when traveling to a foreign country. By using Connect Attestation, you can ensure that your documents comply with embassy attestation requirements, which will make your HSC certificate more reliable and help you meet your immigration needs in Qatar.

Documents required for Educational Certificate Attestation in Qatar are:
  • Passport copy
  • Bonafide letter
  • Final year mark sheet
  • Consolidate mark sheet


The procedures for HSC Certificate Attestation in Qatar are:
  • Notarization
  • Home Department
  • SDM & MEA
  • Embassy attestation
  • MOFA


The Higher Secondary Certificate attestation has different purposes like
  • For employment purposes
  • For higher study purposes
  • For school admission purposes
  • For visa purposes


If you plan to study in a foreign country, you will need to submit an attested higher secondary certificate. This certificate will be verified by the embassy or consulate of the destination country, which is located in your home country. An original higher secondary certificate is required for verification.