PRO Services

Operating a business in Doha, Qatar requires proper documentation and approvals from the relevant authorities. Business owners often find it challenging to manage the documentation process themselves, which is why they require the assistance of a Public Relations Officer (PRO). A PRO is responsible for managing all the documentation requirements for the company, from obtaining approvals from the ministries to ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

Connect Attestation specializes in providing pro-level services to help businesses grow in Qatar. We provide expert advice and support to make sure businesses run smoothly, and we can help you obtain visas, work permits, and other necessary documents. We also provide updates on any changes in laws and regulations that may impact your business. With Connect Attestation’s full-service pro package, you can be confident that your business will operate smoothly and without any problems.

We offer assistance with a range of services that are commonly required, including but not limited to:
  • Obtaining residence permits for employees
  • Securing labour and immigration cards
  • Applying for labour quota and managing labour quota changes
  • Obtaining family, and tourist visas, and handling visa changes
  • Obtaining driver’s licenses
  • Facilitating the transfer of sponsorship
  • Providing Arabic/English legal translation services
  • Editing commercial registration (CR) documents
  • Assisting with obtaining trade licenses (municipality licenses)
  • Attesting documents as required.