Notary Service in Qatar

A notary public is an important person in the legal world and is responsible for verifying signatures, drafting a power of attorney documents, and statutory declarations. They are also responsible for witnessing significant signatures. In Qatar, it is important to use a reliable notary public to certify true copies of documents, as well as attest them for educational and non-educational purposes. It is important to ensure that your official paperwork and important documents are in good hands, so it is recommended to choose a notary public with the right credentials and solid experience in the field.

You can now easily notarize your documents online by connecting with a commissioned notary public via live video, eliminating the need to search for a notary public near you. Our on-demand 24/7 notaries are available to assist you at any time.

To complete an online notarization in Qatar, you will require the following documents and equipment:
  • An original, unsigned document (make sure to not sign it before uploading as you must sign with the notary public).
  • A computer, iPhone, or Android phone equipped with audio and video capabilities.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID. Refer to the acceptable forms of identification for notarization.