SSLC Certificate Attestation

SSLC Certificate Attestation is necessary for Indian citizens who wish to study or work abroad. It involves obtaining an apostille from the designated authority. SSLC is the basic qualification for every Indian citizen and is issued after passing the 10th board exam. To use the SSLC certificate in Qatar, an apostille attestation from the concerned embassy or consulate in the home country is required. The attestation process is important to ensure the authenticity of the SSLC certificate for use abroad.

Documents needed for applying SSLC Apostille are
  • Passport copy
  • Original SSLC certificate

Attestation is the process of confirming the authenticity of a certificate or document. This process ensures the safety and security of your document, as well as its applicability in various fields. At Connect Attestation, we offer certificate attestation services to help you with the authentication process and ensure that your document is recognized internationally. Note that countries that are not part of the Hague Convention require attestation to recognize foreign documents.