Trademark and Patent

A trademark is a valuable tool that allows the owner to distinguish their products or services from those of others and to license the trademark for a fee. The trademark certificate is valid for ten years and can be renewed for another ten. This makes the trademark an important asset within Qatar. To register a trademark in Qatar, one must apply along with a company extract to the Intellectual Property Department-Trademark Office at the Ministry of Economy. If the company is foreign, the extract must be certified. 

Types of Trademarks
  • A word or design mark
  • A certification mark
  • A distinguishing guise

A patent registration document grants legal rights to the patentee to exploit their invention for 20 years. The registration certificate is legally significant in Qatar. To obtain a patent, the invention must meet certain conditions, including novelty, inventive step, and industrial application.

Patents are granted to products or processes that meet certain criteria,
  • Novelty
  • Inventive step
  • Industrial application

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